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To Ritsumeikan University international students newly entering Japan

Below you will find an overview of the procedures necessary to complete, starting from preparations before departing your home country up to the completion of quarantine after entering Japan:


Pre-departure Preparations

(1) Please download and print the Written Pledge (For Individuals). Read through it thoroughly, and then sign it BY HAND.

(2) From the AMARYS Registration Page, input your information and upload a photo or PDF of the signed Written Pledge (For Individuals).

(3) After the above form has been uploaded, if all documents are in order, the university will compile them and apply to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for your “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS System (uketsukezumi-sho)” (hereafter referred to as the “Certificate”. The “Certificate” is necessary to be able to apply for a visa at the embassy/consulate.

(4) The “Certificate” will be issued in a few days from application and you can download it from "My Page". (However, because there will be an influx of applications at the beginning of March, it will take several more days for them to be issued at this time).

Due to the specifications of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's system (ERFS), "学校法人立命館" will be printed on the receipt certificate. Please include this document when you apply for a visa so that your visa application will proceed smoothly.

(5) Print out 2 copies of the PDF of the “Certificate” you receive, and bring them together with the other required documents, to the Japanese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa. Once the visa has been issued, upload a photo or PDF of the visa to AMARYS as soon as possible.

(6) As long as there are no issues with the content of the application, in principle, it will take 5 business days, starting from the day after receipt of application, for the visa to be issued.

(7) Please take your temperature for the 14 days before departing your country.

(8) Please purchase private medical insurance by the time you enter Japan, and upload a photo or PDF of a document showing the period of coverage and details of the coverage to AMARYS.

In the New measures for border enforcement (27) by Japanese Government, it is no longer required to have private medical insurance at the time of entry. This includes National Health Insurance and travel insurance that guarantees medical expenses for the duration of your stay in Japan. However, the university requires students to have private medical insurance before entering Japan. Without the insurance, you may have to pay a large amount of medical expenses if you get sick during quarantine period. Students who are already enrolled in Japanese National Health Insurance, or covered by private medical insurance, which includes travelers insurance with a credit card, do not need to get other insurance.

(9) Obtain a smartphone that can be used in Japan, download the three designated applications (MySOS, application to save location data, and COCOA), and log in.


*If you are unable to acquire a smartphone before departure, you can also rent a smartphone from JTB with the apps pre-downloaded. (For a fee, to be borne by the student)

(10) Once you have made your flight arrangements, enter your flight information into AMARYS. Be sure to register your flight information at least by 10 days prior to your departure. If you register later, it may be difficult to book your hotel, etc.

(11) Please make a request on AMARYS to have a hotel reserved where you will complete your quarantine after entering Japan. Arrangements will be made for a quarantine location (with free Wi-fi and if possible with a convenience store available) at a special price for newly entering Ritsumeikan University students.  Accommodation fees are to be borne by the student.

*For this new entry into Japan, only cases in which arrangements have been made by the JTB Corporation, which has been contracted by the university, will be eligible to apply for a “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS System”, as the university is able to manage the activity of the student after entering Japan. The use of hotels, homes, etc. arranged on one’s own is not permitted.

(12) In order to support students with the fees incurred due to the border control measures when traveling to Japan, Ritsumeikan University continues the implementation of an accommodation fee support system similar to the 2021 Ritsumeikan University Japan Entry Support System (2021年度渡日支援制度). For details, please check here.

(13) The use of public transportation to the arranged accommodation is allowed only under certain conditions.* If a student would like to use a hired car to go to their accommodation, fees must be borne by the student, but it can be reserved on AMARYS.

*The use of public transportation is permitted for 1. ONLY the shortest necessary route, and 2. within the 24 hours after completing the examination (specimen collection) at the airport quarantine station.

(14) On the third day of quarantine, if you elect to take a PCR test to be released early from quarantine, please make an appointment and preparations on your own. If you are unable to make a reservation on your own, please check that you would like arrangements for a PCR test made for you in AMARYS. You are not allowed to use public transportation to get to the test location. All fees for the PCR test are to be borne by the student.


(15) Please undergo a test for COVID-19 and obtain a “negative” test certificate from a local medical institution using the prescribed format within 72 hours prior to your departure. Upload a photo or PDF of the test certificate to AMARYS as soon as possible after obtaining it.

Flowchart of Procedures starting from Applying for the “Certificate” up to Applying for a Visa

*Because there will be an influx of applications at the beginning of March, it will take several more days for them to be issued during this period


Arriving at the Airport in Japan



(1) At the quarantine station in the airport, submit a copy of the “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS System”, the negative COVID-19 test certificate (taken within 72 hours before departure), the “Questionnaire”, and proof of vaccination (for those who would like to have their quarantine period shortened).

(2) When conducting procedures at the Quarantine Station, present the three applications installed on your smartphone.


After Entering Japan



(1) The length and location of quarantine after entering Japan depends upon what country/region you departed from and whether you have had three vaccinations.

(2) In the event that you must quarantine at a designated facility, follow the instructions given to you at the airport and go to the designated quarantine facility. The fees incurred from staying at a designated facility and taking PCR tests will be borne by the Japanese government.

(3) In the event that you must quarantine at home (the pre-reserved hotel) go to the hotel reserved via AMARYS using public transportation, and quarantine there for three OR seven days starting from the day after you entered Japan. Fees incurred in this situation are to be borne by the student themself.

(4) Report your location information and health condition using Health and Location Monitoring App for Overseas Entrants (MySOS) every day for up to 7 days. Because you are required to inform the university as well, please monitor your health every day for 7 days and report it daily via AMARYS.

(5) Confirmation of your whereabouts will occur via MySOS (via video call), so please respond as necessary.

(6) On the third day of quarantine, if you elect to take a PCR test or a quantitative antigen test in order to be released from quarantine, upload your negative test result to the entrants’ health confirmation center in MySOS, and await a notification of having completed the Quarantine Period. Take a screenshot of this notification and submit it to AMARYS.

(7) After completing the above steps, your quarantine is complete.


We look forward to seeing you here at Ritsumeikan University.

New Registration ( If you do not have a Log-in ID)

First of all, please submit STEP1 “Document s for Certificate of ERFS”. Then submit STEP2 “Travel Info / Preparation prior entry” and STEP3 “Health condition report after entry” after submitting STEP1 and receiving your Screening Certificate.
STEP1 Documents for Certificate of ERFS
STEP2 Travel Info / Preparation prior to entry
STEP3 Health condition report after entry

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