The Fleischner Society Endorsed Educational Seminar: Imaging and Management of Respiratory Diseases

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Postponing the New Date

The Fleischner Society Endorsed Educational Seminar has been postponed November 3, 2020 according to decision of postponement the Fleischner Society Annual Meeting 2020 on November 4-7, 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic). 

The New Date :
November 3 (Tuesday), 2020 at Hotel Elséreine Osaka 
Virtual meeting (ZOOM) from Osaka, Japan

Pre-Registration priod has been extended to October 5 October 26, 2020.
However, cancellation fee is occurred after 00:00 of 6 Oct, 2020 (Japan Standard Time).

Important Notice

Pre-registration fee has reduced to JPY5,000 from JPY7,000.

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